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Useful Links for Living in Rome


For living, working or simply vacationing in Italy, we have selected a few links that we consider very useful for anyone who has just arrived in Rome. If this is your first time in Italy, we suggest you take a look at some of the following web sites. Unless specified all web sites are in English or have an English section.


Limousine Service - Multilingual sophisticated Limousine service and airport pick-up. Also car serviced individual and/or group tours of Rome and day excursions anywhere in the Italian peninsula! Extremely reliable and professional.

Public transportation (subway and buses) - Don't be fooled by the good looking web site, public transportation is inefficient to say the least: buses are late with swiss regularity, and the subway is very small.

Trains - Trains in Italy vary. Fast trains "Eurostar" are comfortable, and often without delays.

Taxis - Finding a taxi in the streets of Rome is very easy, convincing the driver to stop is a lot harder. Do as the Romans do, call. Service is usually very fast for most central areas of town. A list of telephone numbers of some of the major authorized companies follows:





Airports - There are two airports in Rome. Leonardo Da Vinci is the main airport, with national and international flights. Ciampino is mostly for commercial and charter flights.

English Yellow Pages:

English Yellow Pages - Phone directory for English speakers in Italy.

English Language Cinemas:

Metropolitan - On Via del Corso, has recently started showing English language films.

Warner Moderno - Your best bet to find Hollywood blockbusters in English.

Greenwich - Sometimes shows original language films, worth checking.


Vatican Museums - Has no need for presentation.

Capitoline Museum - Ancient Roman art.

Borghese Gallery - Centrally located in the beautiful park of Villa Borghese. Beautiful baroque sculptures by masters such as Canova, in the extraordinary setting of the Borghese Palace.

Scuderie del quirinale - Also recently created out of the old stables of the presidential palace, organizes modern and contemporary art shows.

Museionline - Of course these few links are just the tip of the iceberg. This web site provides links to practically all museums in Italy.

Language Schools:

Scuolaromana - Scuola Romana is establishing a new and interesting way to promote the study of Italian language for foreigners in Italy. Three terms can identify the purpose of this school: communication, culture and tradition. To experience the pleasure of conversing with others, to gain knowledge of our country's identity and to discover Italy’s attractive lifestyle.
Romeschools - There are many English language schools in Rome, and this web site contains links to all of them.

Tourist Services:

Romerevealed - Bring the taste and sights of Rome alive. English mother-tongue tour guides, walking tours with small groups and private tours available.

International Bookstores:

The Lion bookshop - Rome's historic English book shop. The newly renovated café welcomes you to relax with a great cup of coffee and a freshly baked muffin, sit back with your favorite book or view the exhibitions of young artists.

Real Estate Services:

Loftinrome - Experience living in a loft in Rome situated on the top floor of an Italian High School! All apartments have been newly restructured and completely furnished! Situated in the western part of town (Monteverde) and well connected to the city center.

Take out:

Daruma Sushi - The first and to our knowledge, only sushi delivery in Rome. Daruma offers top quality sushi, guaranteed by sushi master Makoto Kobayashi, only a toll free call away.


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