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About us

Katia-Lynn Bosco and Sabrina Loren Cosi founded At Home in 2000. Their first office was the crowded backseat of a Fiat 500, and once word got around that they were starting a real estate and relocation services company their cellular phones did not stop ringing. They are now based in Via Margutta, a fancy street in the heart Rome, between the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo.

Katia and Sabrina know first hand the joys and turmoils of moving and settling down in a new country. Katia grew up in Rome and attended AOSR (American Overseas in Rome), then studied at the American University in Paris. Sabrina, instead, grew up in New York and studied in Boston. She used to come to Italy on holiday and finally moved to Rome fourteen years ago. Katia and Sabrina pride themselves in offering their local knowledge of Italy. They love Rome and know the ins and outs of living in this magical yet frustrating place. They are bilingual in Italian and English and also speak French and Spanish fluently.

They work with several assistants, among them Caterina Marino who joined them in 2008 and is now a crucial member of At Home.

This close-knit team has worked with numerous organizations and individuals relocating and vacationing in Rome. They can help you find a long or short-term property for rent in Rome or a picturesque holiday home in Italy.

Katia and Sabrina often say that if all the compliments they have received could be turned into money, they’d be millionaires! And their expanding clientele attests to this.

Get in touch to find out what they can do for you and how they can  make your stay in Italy unforgettable.

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