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Neighborhoods of Rome


Many restaurants, cinemas, cafés, shops and small food shops; good public transport services (many buses and 2 subway lines); narrow streets, lively and happening neighborhoods but it can be noisy and on-the-street parking is difficult. Buildings are often centuries old - plumbing, heating and lack of lifts may reflect this.


Nomentana and Salaria, Parioli (many doctors and lawyers live here), and Prati and Aventino (a haven for diplomats) have turn of the century buildings, wide streets, restaurants, shops, small food shops, supermarkets, good public transport services. Parking is relatively easy - some private and public garages.


Vigna Clara, Cassia (has several international schools) Monteverde Vecchio, Balduina and EUR (many businesses and close to the airport) have properties built in the 40’s and 60’s usually with balconies; some restaurants, supermarkets, many public buses, quiet streets and larger apartments at a more convenient price. More parking available.


Olgiata and the northern part of the Cassia as well as Casal Palocco in the south have affordable homes with gardens and garages; good choice of supermarkets and gyms but public transport services are limited.

Use our map to explore these neighborhoods

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